Thursday, May 3, 2012


After yesterday's energy crash during practice, I decided to take action. I vacuumed my bedroom last night..even the blankets...slept better than I have in a while, and didn't fall apart in yoga today at all. My breath and focus were much better. Though I really don't know if it was allergies, pms, the weather, anxiety, lack of coffee, something else or all of the above. The pollen outside didn't bother me much at all either today, though I didn't spend much time outside. While I am grumpily used to the lack of sun from my years in Oregon, I do miss the really good coffee that was everywhere in Portland. "Good" coffee here often feels like walking into an episode of Portlandia.

Oh yes, practice report.  I was pretty much left on my own today..even for the dreaded UHP, which I managed to do (passably) on the first side, and fell out at the last part on the second side. This pose takes so much energy; I am amazed when I see someone do it with relative ease. Any thinking or visual distraction translates instantly into wobbling..or falling. I learned a better way of getting into Mari more leaning forward to get the shoulder in front of the thigh, then plopping(!) back to bind. 

After practice, I chatted with a woman at the shala..she had the exhaustion thing happen today. I wonder if our energy (or lack thereof) is catching from one person to the next, during practice, even if we don't really know each other well (or even at all) off the mat. 

The past couple days I have been listening to the podcasts of Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. Thanks, Claudia. Very interesting and worth listening to. When I was a kid, I used to fall asleep sometimes by being very still and trying to feel the energy (though I didn't have a name for it and never heard of it again until I read Tolle) in my body, starting with my fingers, and then my hands, arms, etc. I am pretty sure I always fell asleep by the time I felt that sensation in my arms. 

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