Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JINX! #^%!

Impaled the third toe on my right foot this morning. Jumping through, after supta padagusthasana. I really thought I was done with this sort of stupid injury, as the last time was last thanksgiving. I was wearing my favorite black boots this morning just thinking how I was at least strong enough now not to do this to myself (jinx!) The boots, of course, will once again be verboten, while the toe heals this fall. Damn.

The toe is a similar color to my burgundy danskos, which thank god I had at work.

It's been one thing after another this month. First, the crazy illness, then my lower back went nuts from too much lying down on my old futon..and now, as that is slowly healing..whacking my toe. On the positive side, it has completely distracted me from my usual dropback induced pissy-ness post practice, which makes it hard for me to be on the subway some mornings.

Does chocolate make bruises heal faster?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

moon day music

Can't wait to hear/see this piece again, when it opens at the Cloisters next week. Not to be missed, if you live in the city. I first experienced it at moma years ago, and was dumbstruck. I must have stayed in the room for an hour (the tallis piece is about 13 min long), utterly moved by the music washing across the room. It is an experience of music that you don;t normally have; even from my days singing in choirs, it never felt like this.

I am still home, sick, though feeling better than yesterday. The whole fever and chills thing is no fun, especially when the ibuprofen/echinacea/vitamin c and homeopathic combo I was taking seemed to have no effect yesterday. I forgot about the healing power of a lot of sleep. Guess that's no surprise as I don't get a lot of sleep normally. I still need to venture outside later, to buy cough medicine and other supplies. Good thing I keep my fridge well stocked, so that a couple days at home isn't an issue. I also have to decide whether to trek to nj tomorrow to see my family for new year's dinner. If it wasn't such a long trip 3+ hours each way, and requiring staying overnight at my aunt's, I would be a lot more enthused right now.

speaking of sleep, it's probably time for another nap.

hope i will feel like doing some sort of minimal practice tomorrow.

update..i found out who i caught this hell virus new mantra- no sharing food with anyone anymore! bailed on visiting family tomorrow, as i know i wont be anywhere near 100% and i wont be able to eat much of a dinner at my stepmom's. being ill is not the time to mess with skimpy meals, because i don't eat meat.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

luck is definitely on your side today..

according to my horoscope.


since i am sick, really sick for the first time in over a year...complete with the self pity that goes with it. skipped practice today, of course. been flat on my back mostly, think i may not make it to work tomorrow either.

I realized that since I started that feldenkrais program, i have not had a vacation. It meets for long weekends and a couple 10 day segments, so those have been my vacations..when i can get the days off. This way of doing things has to change.

Got my passport in the mail last week. Much prettier than the old one. I think it needs to be christened with some stamps.

on the practice front, I am wondering if i am doing too with everything else. Dropbacks are improving. Learning to keep my pelvis more forward as i go down, and as i come back up. Earlier in the week seems to be the best time for me, since my stamina is greater then. Still no more standing up on my own..a few almost's with my teacher there.

i think it is time to finish my tea and take another nap. i wish i had some comic books..but my energy to read is pretty low right now.