Wednesday, September 4, 2013

luck is definitely on your side today..

according to my horoscope.


since i am sick, really sick for the first time in over a year...complete with the self pity that goes with it. skipped practice today, of course. been flat on my back mostly, think i may not make it to work tomorrow either.

I realized that since I started that feldenkrais program, i have not had a vacation. It meets for long weekends and a couple 10 day segments, so those have been my vacations..when i can get the days off. This way of doing things has to change.

Got my passport in the mail last week. Much prettier than the old one. I think it needs to be christened with some stamps.

on the practice front, I am wondering if i am doing too with everything else. Dropbacks are improving. Learning to keep my pelvis more forward as i go down, and as i come back up. Earlier in the week seems to be the best time for me, since my stamina is greater then. Still no more standing up on my own..a few almost's with my teacher there.

i think it is time to finish my tea and take another nap. i wish i had some comic books..but my energy to read is pretty low right now.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Yoga, Feldenkreis and working just add up to too much and your body says "enough" and finds a way of forcing you to take a break.

    1. thanks, feeling better than yesterday, but still staying home today. any suggestions on ciites to visit in europe in the winter? i am thinking spain..gotta break in that passport!

    2. It depends when you plan to come, but generally November - March Europe is cold and wet, so maybe head south Lisbon, Rome, Athens. Valencia in Spain is a pleasant city for a few days.

    3. thinking of sometime between thanksgiving and new year..or early in the new year..warmer would probably be better. i'll look into these..greece would be fun.