Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JINX! #^%!

Impaled the third toe on my right foot this morning. Jumping through, after supta padagusthasana. I really thought I was done with this sort of stupid injury, as the last time was last thanksgiving. I was wearing my favorite black boots this morning just thinking how I was at least strong enough now not to do this to myself (jinx!) The boots, of course, will once again be verboten, while the toe heals this fall. Damn.

The toe is a similar color to my burgundy danskos, which thank god I had at work.

It's been one thing after another this month. First, the crazy illness, then my lower back went nuts from too much lying down on my old futon..and now, as that is slowly healing..whacking my toe. On the positive side, it has completely distracted me from my usual dropback induced pissy-ness post practice, which makes it hard for me to be on the subway some mornings.

Does chocolate make bruises heal faster?


  1. It's a fact chocolate heals everything and is a lot cheaper ( except possibly in Denmark) than a medical prescription !

  2. :) what's up with the high pastry and chocolate prices in denmark, anyway?

    been going my usual route- lots of arnica, which seems to be working. oh, how i miss just going to practice and not having to wonder what i can and can't do...

  3. It's a disgrace the price of chocolate & pastries should be subsidised for ashtangi's!
    Know what you mean about having to think about what you can and can't do, had that for nearly a year now.