Friday, April 25, 2014

home and away practice

one of the important birds in central park 
posing for the camera with its best bat signal.

it's been an entire week of self practice, as in practice at home and even away from home, at my aunt's house. oddly it was my aunt's house where i did my first ever real non-shala practice a year and a half ago..after thanksgiving. practicing there is more about getting something done..not about a good or pretty practice. just a partial antidote to too much eating and sitting and sitting and eating. you get the idea.

i had every intention of going back to the shala this week, but i kept waiting for LH which just did not want to cooperate.  i was feeling quite sad last night (pms induced) and stayed up late watching the hindi version of the lunchbox. enough of the movie is in english already, and somehow you don't need to know the exact words. 

i thought LH was going to arrive today, so i turned off my alarm and let myself sleep more. when i got up, felt like LH would be much later in the day if at all today so i decided to practice at home, and of course LH arrives in the middle of practice. do i abort then and there?..nope! i finished which might have been a bad idea. my intercostals on both sides seem rather trashed, but i didn't notice it til i started closing. nothing during practice felt like it was too much on them. i tried sitting up after kurmasana to stretch each leg over my shoulders..but i made sure to not do anything too intensely. honestly i dont know why people do lose momentum and bandhas by faffing around with this for a minute or so...i also tried an illegal pasasana in its proper place (my worry is that pasasana did in my intercostals). couldn't bind, but i could make a passable attempt at it on each side. no falling over, i just couldn't rotate the arm that goes round the knees properly, though i could get that hand across my feet. didn't try too hard and only tried 1x on each side. i could see that it would be possible with a teacher's help. 

standing up from the "last" ud continues to be a mess. i couldn't stand up from the floor today, which was annoying. i am sure it is my legs-- once i shifted how i am doing UHP, it immediately affected backbending. before this, i was standing up from the floor after 1-2 attempts most days, and now i have much less lift and strength/weight in my legs than before. the backbends may be getting deeper again but seems like that is more about my upper chest than my legs (might just be the sheer number of them in my extra failed attempts to stand up).  the focus on my inner thighs in UHP has made both the suryas and standing feel more stable. the only positive change with the backbending this week, is i don't have any crying fits about not being able to stand up..even if i do make a few too many attempts.

off to the park for some sun..and maybe lunch first at my favorite indian restaurant..if i can get there before their lunch special is over.


  1. I think it's worth persevering to make sure you stand up each day, especially as you know you can, otherwise the mental games start.

    Hope you made it in time for the lunch special.

    1. yes, just made it there in time for the lunch special :)
      i agree, when it feels possible, it is best to make sure i do it..but sometimes i think i try too many times..and only make myself tired, upset, or just reinforce a bad habit (lifting my head too soon) ..and so on. hard to know when to stop trying some days, and just realize that it will come..many other poses came to me and were intermittent to start, and i didn't stress as much about them. this week, i haven't felt so sure that i could stand up..well, there's always next week.

  2. What a great shot of that bird. I am very far from ever standing from back bending, but I will pass on what my teacher told me when I told her I was often too tired when I got to back bending to give it a fair and strong shot. she told me to economize effort where the asana felt comfortable and established enough, and spend it during back bending.

  3. Sorry for the delayed response..i loved that nutty seemed to be conducting those of us watching it. i try to do that in practice, but i feel like i tend to spend too much energy on backbending most of the time (3 ud's a day are simply not enough for my 46 year old body-it takes 5-6 at least)...some days i feel like a toddler throwing a tantrum trying to stand up (or perhaps i should say trying not to fall on my butt). i feel like it can be a good thing for me to learn how to surrender to letting it not go well..and not having to stand up every day.

    and you might be closer than you think to standing up...i never ever thought i would..came so close to asking my teacher not to teach this to looked oh so scary. being able to drop back actually feels good to me now.