Saturday, December 27, 2014

floor 1, nose 0

My nose collided with the floor today, attempting the bakasana exit from bhuja...I don't think I broke anything, but definitely bruised from it. Nothing like whacking your face during led to make me feel like a little kid again, I wanted someone to tell me it would be ok, and even wanted to pack it in and go home to new York. Though in class I only sat out kurmasana and supta k, til I could get the bleeding to mostly stop. Lucky me, I had a front and center spot so no going to the women's changing to check it. I do wonder if I should have stopped...but done is done.

Also wondering what my alternatives are to ice here for the swelling and bruising. Yes, yoga can be dangerous, but mostly to my ego.


  1. Ouch! Inside and outside, if it had been me. Arnica maybe for the bruise? If you finished practice it might be too late for ice anyway. Take it slow and easy tomorrow.

    1. Thx, i did...sadly missing my last full day off for sightseeing, and doing d
      Self practice at home instead of my last led class here. Am using arnica, and luckily it is mending.