Tuesday, March 26, 2013

march madness

No, not the basketball kind, if that is still going on. Some sports fan I would be.

Finally starting to feel like spring here. no more snow, though there was a little patch holding on, on my block, as of monday..somehow the snow sticks around longer in my neighborhood. sometimes i think it is some sort of chemically engineered snow with  a higher melting point. Hmm, maybe I don't want to think too much about that.
I finished reading Sputtnik Sweetheart by Murakami. Definitely my favorite of his books, thus far. The very palpable feeling of longing in this story was quite moving, an emotion I normally don't associate with Murakami. I always wonder if the translations really don't do his writing much justice. Debating whether to start IQ84 next, or stick with something shorter.
Happy moon day. 

I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Too much to do at work, and another feldenkrais training session last week, as well as not wanting to blog about practice. Ironic, since I am back at full primary since I last wrote. I think it has been a couple weeks since I got setu again (it is much much less scary this time), and I can now do urdhva mukha paschimattanasana on my own. I think I discovered today how to bind my feet more easily in supta K - scoot my right shoulder under my leg rather than try to force my leg past my shoulder..I did this today, and my feet bound right away. For a while, I have been making a huge effort to bind..and tiring my legs out in the process. It's much easier to move the shoulder out of the way of the leg than to lift the leg over the shoulder when I am transitioning from kurmasana to supta K. Seems so obvious now. I feel like it is all the feldenkrais I did this past week that made me try it the other way, as doing feldenkrais lessons tends to make me more attentive and creative in how I try to move. It reminds me that forcing my body to do something won't work well, but that a more indirect route might work really well. 

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