Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stumbly but still going...

Thank god tomorrow I have off for LH. My legs feel like putty after 3 days in a row of dropping back and standing up. Each day's attempts seems to get progressively more clumsy, as my back feels a bit less open in the colder weather, and my legs feel more tired. The first day was 3 for 3, with two where my feet stayed put (like magic!); yesterday took about 7 or 8 tries, with only 1 no stumble stand-up, and today again took about 8 tries..falling falling falling on my butt til I just decided I was going to do it. None were pretty, but I managed the requisite three. Standing up seems to depend on timing more than strength. The idea of taking my arms forward is just not quite in my nervous system I landed on my butt..a lot today. I also realized that I don't like having a wall in front of me when I am backbending..I like the feeling of a more open space..although I never stumble forward when standing up.

While I am happy to be able to do is the flip side that has me down this week. Sleep o how I miss you!!! I am dead tired half the day and then anxious before I go to sleep, which leads to more anxiousness than sleep. How long does this phase last, anyway? It really sucks.

I did celebrate today with good coffee and a chocolate croissant. Oddly not feeling exhausted yet today, but I slept in (if you could call it that) and extra 1/2 hour because that gave me a total of just under 5hrs sleep yet again, which is definitely NOT enough to do full primary and work a full day.

Hopefully I will post later this week on my recent feldenkrais trainings, but I just have not had the time.


  1. Sounds like you are just running out of energy, too many attempts needed to get the requesite 3. A lot of it comes down to confidence and that feeling of knowing when it's right to go for it. At least falling on your butt is better than your head. It's strange that the best stand ups seem to be the ones that take the least effort. I agree about the wall, much prefer a wall behind me as I have had to quickly put my hands out to stop hitting the wall coming up. Good for you with the croissant.

  2. Yes,..definitely running out of steam this week! and i agree..when it goes right, it seems like almost no effort at all. I see more chocolate croissants in my future..definitely need to give myself a "reward" for this. let's hope friday goes better!

    1. I think you can end up trying to hard and as someone told me there can end up being too much thinking going on. Yes can definitely see more chocolate croissants in your future.

  3. Exactly...waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much thinking going on..chocolate afterwards seems to be a good antidote :)