Friday, February 3, 2012

it will get harder

that's what my ashtangi friend told me today..followed by "i probably shouldn't have told you that", since i am new to the practice. right now every practice gets easier in more superficial ways - my strength is better, my breath flows a little better, so i don't have to take refuge in the praseritas in order to find my breath again (well, not quite as much, anyway), and i am hopefully a little less anxious about being able to do my practice (the nerves that always strike while i wait for the train to go back uptown, but quiet down when i step onto my mat).

but yes, like any practice, the more you time you spend with it, the more there is to learn- more asanas, more with the breath, the transitions between asanas, and just going deeper in the practice-the other limbs. i could see that a bit in my vinyasa practice, and before when i made art. with artmaking, there was a feeling of 'it could be better' that always accompanied me. the feeling of falling short and yet moving on, continuing. always moving on.

back to the mat. once i get used to the sequence..then the real work begins. right now, i am just happy to be where i am in the practice.

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