Wednesday, February 1, 2012


made it to work just before 10am..that was today's major practice accomplishment. oh what will happen when i have to get up and to the shala even earlier than now. i am not a morning person. given extra time, i can always find something to read or putter around with in the morning, before leaving for work, or leaving for the shala.

my hamstring tendon problems have flared up again this week. ugh. tomorrow's motto will be modify, modify, modify...this is where i get nervous about practicing in a shala, rather than at home. at home, i feel less pressured (by myself, mostly) to be perfect in my practice. i can take more time when needed, and do some prep work on the postures too. and feel assured that backing off on postures wont be looked as as being lazy. at the shala, the energy is really wonderful. i love hearing people breathe while they practice; it carries me forward in my practice..but i feel that it also encourages me to go further in postures than i should, and/or to go faster in my practice than i would otherwise (i am a natural sloth..though also oddly seem to be mostly pitta..go figure)

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