Wednesday, February 22, 2012

up at 615

Long break, because I whacked my ankle last week..combination of a bad massage and then practicing the next day with a sore spot on my leg from said massage....and now jumping back and forward is a thing of the past. egads. still angry about the massage. i tried to rest it a few days..but i am too impatient, and in new york, how are you supposed to rest a leg? i had my feldenkrais training this past weekend too, so there was no staying home for me. i figured, after 4 days off, i would be happier with a gimpy no jumping practice than with another day of no practice.

Woke up at 615 ( apparently it doesnt take long to readjust to mornings), though I stayed in bed til almost 7, telling myself I would practice at home..then realized that I still have to get up just as early as to practice at home (to eat a tiny breakfast beforehand. Practicing on a truly empty stomach..that is not for me, not yet) so I trundled out of bed and to the studio. Paid for another month..figure I will give it another month (at least) to see how I feel there, I think it takes probably 6 mos of very consistent practice to get a real idea of what this practice is like.

Yes, morning practice is sinking in..

My ankle still a bit sore after practice though (not really ankle, but something on the inside of the calf that runs just behind the ankle bone/joint. Jumping forward and back is going to be a no no for the foreseeable future. I tried to rush this morning (since i was running late), though to the casual observer (and maybe even my teacher), it looked like a person doing a slow practice. I wanted to give my whole practice more flow, and try eliminate some of those extra breaths and movements that creep in everywhere.

this whole practice is an exercise in not having a lot of attachment to results, i must remind myself of that constantly, as..someone nearby did all of intermediate, and started third series (something i will never see in my lifetime, as the idea of dropbacks causes extreme panic, let alone to ever have the stamina to complete primary with ease, as it takes me so long now just to get to mari A). still, i am grateful to be able to practice at all.

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