Thursday, August 9, 2012


Practice was exhausting today, by the time I arrived at bhuja, I felt like rubbish. Couldn't manage the exit on bhuja or supta K, even with my teacher trying to help me balance after supta K. When you are cooked, you are cooked.

I made one important discovery- looking down my nose makes a huge difference in my practice, energetically and with the breath. Still didn't save me from the heat, but it was quite an eye-opener. In downward dog, it made me engage my legs more and focus on my breathing (and took away the icky overstretched feeling I was getting from having my heels on the ground), while in seated it made me focus more on trying to lengthen up through the ribcage rather than in the lower back.

So this makes 5 days in a row of practice, and I definitely need a lot of sleep tonight, as I didn't get enough last night. Full weeks of practice mean sleep becomes more important than ever. I guess I will learn this the hard way, as always.

Hoping for at least 7 hours tonight.

I was so tired later, that when I went out to buy wool yarn for a skirt I want to knit, I lost my metrocard.  Someone or something is looking out for me though. When I retraced my steps, I found a metrocard on the sidewalk- this is the upper east side, and I guess people have too much money to be bothered to pick up a metrocard? Turned out it wasn't the one I lost, but it had some money left on it so I didn't have to buy a new one to get home. Then I called the bank to figure out when I bought my monthly card, I discovered it was to expire at midnight tonight.

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