Saturday, August 4, 2012

worth the wait

At last, I found a chocolate croissant via Hawthorne Valley Farms at the farmers' market. I have been craving one for a couple days, but the options in my neighborhood are not so good for pastries. Over the years, one of the things I have slowly been giving up is wheat. Never altogether, but just having less and generally wanting less. Though I can always make a happy exception for some good bread or other snack item.

Guess I should have photographed it before I ate it, but it was goooooood. Lots of gloriously melt-y chocolate from the heat.

Here's the aftermath:

Enjoy your rest day.


  1. In an "emergency"(like none available when you want it) here is a plan B:
    four squares of Lindt Excellence touch of sea salt chocolate.
    Place between two pieces of Eli's Hearth baked bread RIGHT OUT of the toaster.
    Squeeze and bite (have napkin handy)

    You understand this only for emergencies ok?

  2. there would be an "emergency" every day if that was in my apartment! there already was one this morning during practice at the shala. this reminds me of the delicacy of chocolate chips on bread (i am not sure if we toasted the bread, we might not have had a toaster oven) that one of my college roommates introduced me to years ago.