Monday, August 13, 2012

have i just been blindly charging ahead?

Those vinyasas for bhuja and supta k are out to kill me (just kidding).

I feel like calvin with his bicycle:

Calvin and Hobbes
                                              image from here

Though I don't share the learn at all costs mentality that Calvin has here.

Yet again, I have really banged up my right foot. This time, the second toe is turning a nice shade of dark red, and I am wondering if I might have broken something. Instead of impaling it in an attempt to jump through, it was the exit from Supta K. I jumped, but my legs were too low, and instead of landing on my knees (better), I managed to land in an almost bellyflop chautauranga, but with my feet off the mat, and directly down on my second toe (which is longer than my big toe..or perhaps I would have even more problems than I do now).

Ice and ibuprofen aren't doing much for it, and sore toes are just not compatible with all the walking I do here.

I also wonder if my flexibility is as much an obstacle as a blessing. If I was less flexible, I would likely be at a different point in the series - ie. not as far along, and would have more of a chance to develop strength in a more measured way. Plus some poses are easy for me to do incorrectly, because I am flexible- I have to remember to engage my legs, etc.

I am also wondering if I would be better served practicing at home, because then I would have full control of the timing of my practice. I get so few assists normally - prasarita C, UHP and now Kurmasana and Supta K, and an occasional light paschimo at the end -though only supta K would be a dependable daily assist (she can get me in the full pose, so I suspect I could teach myself to get into the pose, eventually, though  I currently feel completely trapped in kurmasana). I prefer the space and the energy of the shala- it is so nice to practice with others - it keeps my practice energized. Though I can't help feeling like I would not have had all these injuries if I practiced at home. I am always on a slower pace - I hold everything I can for 7 or 8 breaths after the suryas (only very strength dependant poses are held for 5 at this point) to get deeper into my breathing if possible, and to keep the relentless pace of seated from overwhelming me.

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