Monday, October 8, 2012

Phooey on no wheat..and first home practice

Yeah, I give up. Didn't even last 2 days. No wheat may be better, but is practically impossible for me. I consider it a luxury for someone who is either rich, or lives in the suburbs, where you can go right home after practice.

So be it.

I had my first home practice this morning, as the shala's holiday hours didn't work for those of us who don't have today off. I was really concerned about making a lot of noise at 630 in the morning (my old apartment floor isn't exactly quiet), but it turns out that I was less thumpy in my landings than I thought. Quiet landings only happen after a rest day, then things get progressively louder. I gave myself an easier practice, skipping vinyasas between sides, which strangely took just as long..if not LONGER. Yeah, must be that I slow down on my own, especially as I get to the mari's. I did take time to try supta K a second time, and lo and behold, I could grab my hands and cross my feet. It took a little maneuvering, but I know it is possible on my own. I need to clear out more space in my apartment before attempting the exits. I am still fearful after all my toe/foot injuries. It will come, eventually, or not.

Garbha was good, and I managed to lift up (well, almost) directly from the rolling. No performance anxiety before I started the rolling. I wonder if it is that mindset longer having an internal drama which marks really integrating the posture (even if I still can't fully do the posture). Recently, UHP is no longer causing me great drama, and I am somewhat steadier than before, though doing both sides without falling out at least once hasn't happened yet. But just the thought of not having an assist for it is not worry inducing (or the thought of falling even with an assist!). Funny how certain asanas can create such worry and fear! I mean they are only asanas (easy to say this now that practice is long over).

I just started placing my palms down (as much as possible) in the suryas, and I notice that this seems to give me better energy in the suryas. I have also noticed that doing a simple hip opening stretch  before practice also seems to help my breathing in the surya B's, namely my nemesis-the nefarious inhale into warrior 1. Since I have been trying to learn tango, my right hip is much tighter at times, and I can sometimes feel it in my knee. Stretching before and after practice seems to help.

It was nice to see the sunrise, one of the benefits of facing east-ish. And also nice to hear my own breath. and to have breakfast at home afterwards.

And I managed to somehow be later for work than much for the idea that practicing at home will save me time!


  1. True. Almost anything that you order to go or that does not involve a sit down with utensils comes between two pieces of bread!

  2. plus there is an excellent bakery about a block away from the non-wheat options there. this is about how all my diet change experiments end is a wonder that vegetarianism stuck for me..

  3. i enjoyed reading this post on your personal home practice. Ive only practiced ashtanga for a year now and have been doing home practice for 10 months. I love my home practice, and the transformation each practice gave me.

    I used to do it after work at 8pm but now I've resorted to waking up slightly earlier at practice at 7am. Both timing bring different feelings. I enjoyed both.

    1. thanks! i used to practice at home, at night too. there is more freedom in home practice, often. the morning practice is new for me, and came with the ashtanga. i am really enjoying it, which comes as a shock, as i have never in my life been a morning person.