Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pms practice


Today felt like I was practicing blind. Not that I can feel much energetically on a typical day..but today was..almost nothing. I felt heavy, tired and all my landings were with a thud. I even cried during practice (another telltale sign). On days when I know ladies holiday is imminently approaching, should I shorten my practice? I am surprised that now, after 8 months of ashtanga, I can tell the day when my period start by the quality of my practice..when this was never the case before. While I completed my whole practice this morning, I wonder if I should do less, when I feel less in my body. I think I might stop earlier if I was practicing at home. Somehow at the shala, I feel compelled to do more, like a tired child running around in circles to stay awake. I am just happy I survived my practice without any new injuries..though my wrists and forearms have been mysteriously sore all week, and today was the worst.

At least I celebrated later with a mini chocolate bundt cake (which I gobbled up before thinking to take a photo of it) at the local coffeeshop. I finished reading Maya Lassiter's book: Children of the Fallen. Fun, fun read. She really knows how to write interesting and convincing teenage/young adult characters.

Looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow. Now I know why it is called ladies' holiday. Whew.

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