Thursday, February 7, 2013

what i need most right now

a duplicator! does it duplicate the citta vrittis too?
One of me could look at apartments while another was at work..and another is sitting having coffee and reading a book.

Feeling pretty squished schedule-wise this month. Looking for a new place to live while adding 1 day a week to my work schedule, on top of 1 hr commute each way, and 2 hrs at yoga each day, and supposedly being in that felden training program (that's gone for the month) today I no longer have any idea what day of the week it is. 

Hoping for a blizzard tomorrow night. Just to force me to slow down. Cancelled apartment looking that was supposed to happen at lunchtime and just will see one place tonight. Apartment hunting in nyc sucks, as you need 2 incomes to get anything decent and not so far away.

Made it to practice today. Seriously, that was my big accomplishment, after 2 days off for ladies holiday. 


  1. Dear Lord, that's a lot. I think you're getting your blizzard. Maybe blizzard apartment hunting may work by reducing the competition :)
    Maybe something even close to your shala, which hopefully is on your way to work. Fingers crossed & good hunting!

  2. maybe i should be careful what i wish for! this year has been earthquake, hurricane, flood, and now blizzard.

    thanks! i may have found something :) but i still have some other possibilities in the works. oh, the thought of paring stuff down to a 1 room studio. oy vey. but the commute to shala and work would improve, and i might not even have to spend more, depending on what i choose.