Thursday, April 11, 2013

backbending side effects

more sensitive to everything..smells, places, people, food...

more anxiety and emotional ups and downs. i didn't know it was possible to have panic attacks during practice..not during backbending, but earlier on.

harder to sleep and to focus at times

bandhas definitely have gone on vacation..though they only visited occasionally before

tired back muscles and leg muscles..though the back thing is more noticeable.

hopefully these will lessen with time..some of these started even before the dropping back started..

and it is not helping that I have started on dropping back right in the middle of the most busy and stressful time I have had at my job in years. My boss went on vacation and left me with too much work, a new coworker (nice, but chatty, and it is just new energy to deal with), and a new computer system that is not yet working (every day it is different, programs work one day, and don't work the next...remote i.t. company is not that much help either). i know this is just more opportunity for practice..but, have to say..not doing so well with it. mostly irritated and stressed out. when I finally get downtime, I don't want to see anyone or answer my phone or email. vacation. i. need. one.

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