Wednesday, April 10, 2013

when did ecover sell out?

Re-soaking my clothes in vinegar and lavendar castille soap, in what will likely be a futile attempt to get the stink of Ecover's Natural Delicate wash out of them! There was nothing natural in the ingredients...totally different product. Sodium laurel sulfate and other nasty ingredients in it now...and a really gnarly fragrance. Why do people need fragrances added to everything? And why is it so damn hard to find fragrance free delicate wash in this city?

Hoping lavender castille soap and vinegar will be enough for hand washing yoga clothes this week. I am actually going to return the nasty "delicate wash" to the store and complain.

And if that's not enough, discovered that the subway is not running on my it will be shuttle bus and 2 subways at 6am, or cab (40-50 bucks including tip) at 620am, in order to get to led primary by 7am. Not going to chance getting there late.

Rant out.


  1. Fingers crossed for your Sat. commute,enjoy!

  2. thanks! will probably break down and go the car service way...