Sunday, August 11, 2013

finding new ways to fall

No repeat of Friday's standing up on my own. Lots of momentum (which I didn't need on Friday) and one spectacular crash onto my butt this morning. Then my teacher came over to assist me. I was trying way too hard to repeat what I had done on Friday without paying any attention to what I was actually doing- ie trying to bring my head up too soon. Well, there's always tomorrow. When I manage this again (standing up on my own, not falling on my butt), I am going to celebrate with pastry (hopefully with chocolate) from my favorite bakery.

Otherwise practice was rather gimpy. Though I have been making progress with dropbacks, it has been playing havoc with my right hip and hamstring attachment. I haven't managed a pain free practice for the past 2 weeks, and the poses that cause the most trouble are not always the same from day to day. I spend more time easing myself into poses like kurmasana and going less deep in the janus and mari A.  Most of my energy today was spent paying attention to that area, the sitting bone/hamstring thing is not something I want to have get any worse. I injured it about 4 years ago, then it took a long time to heal, but it did. Ironically, it was practicing ashtanga which healed it (the cure for a forward bend more forward bends apparently). It had been re-activated after I started the dropbacks this spring, but I managed to get it to calm down by taking it more easy and using a foam roller at night on the inner thigh. And now that I closer to standing up, it is acting up again. I think I am just not yet strong enough to use the correct muscles to stand up.

Just looked at the photos of myself that I took for my passport application. I will have to get someone to take a photo of me. My new idea is just to start going through the motions of planning a trip to mysore..step one..get the damn passport!!!! as I can't apply for time to study at the shala without it..or if someone knows otherwise..please let me know! It seems that I can still choose my own start and end dates for studying with sharath..the previously mentioned starting dates of the 6th of each month was pretty much a deal breaker for me.


  1. Second day syndrome, been there, done that. Too much thinking, not enough breathing. I like your incentive scheme, sounds like mine, chocolate croissant for every stand up, though if you get too good at it the Pastry may begin to have a detrimental effect!

    1. third day syndrome is even worse. lol. it will be awhile until i get over the thinking too much. couldn't even get the weight into my legs today..partly because of the 90% humidity out here.

      I am, however, really looking forward to finally trying all the wonderful looking pastries...maybe just 1 per day that I can stand up, til it gets to be a normal event. Embarrassed to say that I didn't take advantage of this scheme last friday :(

    2. Whew you couldn't do it you practised without expectations, but now you have experienced that magic moment you practice with the hope and expectation of being able to do it. The mental dynamic has changed, then you have to go back to basics.
      You are owed a pastry make sure you have it :-)

    3. thanks! there is a chocolate torte with my name on it...
      today was choc. brownie but that's my usual tuesday reward.

      exactly. back to finding ways to get the weight back into my will come eventually. i can see why you worked on this at home though...sometimes it is easier or more satisfying to just have to struggle on your own. the drama of standing up is mental drama, as much as physical technique. fascinating.