Saturday, August 17, 2013

when conditions are right

This has always been my mantra for, well, putting things off. I'll do that when.. X happens..or after Y happens. I have a hard time with just initiating changes, or prioritizing where to put my energy. Yesterday morning, I went to yoga and for most of the time, I just beat myself up mentally about going when I knew it meant missing the skype  feldenkrais study group call that a bunch of us are trying to do on a regular basis. I kept telling myself that I should have practiced at home and done the call, and then gone downtown for errands..but no..The other factor being that this new study group thing will happen 2x a it is not the end of the world to miss one. What was so upsetting was just how I could not accept the priorities I had made for that day.

The other upsetting thing was how my mind just spiraled down this past week about the dropbacks. At one point, in midweek, I could not even drop back on my own anymore (due to a sore back muscle and seriously whiny attitude). I was shocked how I just wanted to give up working on it at all, after this. I thought I would go in the next day and just skip the whole dropbacks/assisted part of practice. Luckily I didn't follow through on that thought. But working on dropbacks is quite a major headgame.

I did apply for my passport yesterday at the post office. Had to go in person as my old passport is ancient. So one small thing out of the way. I looked again at my training schedule this fall, and the potential make up days I can do for free. Looks like I will be busy with this every other weekend til December. I am also still trying to line up the feldenkrais class another woman and I will be teaching this fall. I would like to do more than just that teaching gig..but am a bit unsure how to go about finding somewhere to teach..

Last night I made chickpea cake, kudos to smallbluepearls for posting about this recipe. Sorry, I too am lazy and you can click the links for photos.

It turned out AMAZING,  even cold the next morning, as my pre-breakfast snack. Did I mention that it was amazing? I used a combo chickpea and fava bean flour, which I think improved it. I love farinata, which is made with chickpea flour only and a lot less oil, but this had a much more complex and addictive taste. I was so tempted to eat the whole thing at 1230am last night, when it came out of the oven. The only downside was that I wish I had read the post more carefully before I put it in the oven. As usual, it somehow took 2x as long to cook, as I used a large glass baking pan (baking in metal means you are eating whatever was coating that metal..yuck), and thought I would need to cook it at a lower temperature..nope. Turned out that the "cake" transforms from a scrambled egg texture (and color) when hot to a dense cake texture as it cools.

This morning, when I told one of the guys at the farmer's market about it..he badgered me to bring him some, sometime in the future. They had lucked out today when some other customers brought them pancakes this morning. See, New Yorkers are friendly at times. Anyway, all this culminated in an embarrassing moment for me when we introduced ourselves (I have seen and chatted with him before, but never knew his name..he seems to always like how I dress), and then shook hands..then total embarrassed silence. oops! Apparently I am no better at this now in my mid 40s than I was in my teens. OY VEY. I stopped by later to bring the whole crew from that stand some of the chickpea cake..just to keep my word, and hopefully they didn't hate it.  I had thought about bringing some to the shala on sunday, but another time.

Afterwards I discovered that there is one place around here that can make americanos properly (at the other shop the coffee does not live up to the attitude of the baristas), and armed with my milky espresso, I headed off to the park to do some reading in the sun. I also got to finally see the local temporary public art intallation..that bubble thing in the water- which reminds me of the sphere that would capture patrick mcgoohan every time he tried to escape from the island in The Prisoner.

This sculpture is made of discarded umbrellas and water bottles. Sadly, it looks better in the photos than in real life.


  1. The Prisoner!! Are you the only other person that knows about this tv show? Nobody knows what I'm talking about when I mention it. I will give the chickpea cake a try. I had something called socca in Nice once, and was not too crazy about. Could not decide if it was savory or sweet.

    1. you can thank my highschool math teacher (whose name i have forgotten) for talking up that show..might have to give it ia re-watch this fall..

      socca might be the same thing. this is definitely on the savory side..and adding some onion/garlic/ground walnuts? /infused olive oil? will increase that. i wish i could make fava bean flour..that would be even tastier than the chickpea/fava combo...but i am technologically behind with cookware

  2. The Prisoner was on years ago, if you visit the UK you can visit Port Merion where it was filmed and remains unchanged from when the program was mad.

    The dropbacks come and go (mostly went in my case) when you first do it,just keep plugging away you will get there.

    1. i made it to an -almost- standing up today...trick is not trying too hard to stand up. i haven't figured that one out yet, though. at least falling was less ouchy :)

    2. See less ouchy falling is a sign of progress.
      Inhale up, head last is the mantra