Friday, December 27, 2013

chocolate helps backbending

Well, I doubt that it helps, but backbending certainly seems to create a craving for chocolate...

I managed to stand up from that last UD at the shala today. Bit of jogging back and to one side, but up is up..and it sure made the 3 dropbacks afterwards easier. Celebrated at home with some chocolate, of course!

Off to a museum tonight..though I still have to decide which one. 10 days of freedom from work..first real break in a year. Much much needed!


  1. Yay for standing up and bigger yay for the chocolate

  2. thanks! :) though my lower back seems to be in revolt today over the backbending..or maybe not enough chocolate?

  3. Snap, my lower back went I to revolt after Supta K today, was definitely nothing to do with the chocolate Brioche!