Wednesday, December 25, 2013

plastic jesus

When I was a kid, I would spend holidays at my aunt and uncle's house. After dinner, my uncle, who loves to entertain anyone, especially kids, would get out his guitar and play songs for us to sing along to. I really loved those sing-a-longs, and feeling like part of a bigger family, especially when my parents weren't getting along so well. I remember a smattering of Beatles songs, various folk songs (embarassing me always with oh susannah!) and then songs like this one...which I loved, and thought my uncle was just sooooo cool for playing.

Since I live in a mostly Dominican neighborhood, you can even buy your very own little plastic jesus' at the 99 cent store around the corner from me.
The neighborhood is also rather gentrified..there is now a starbucks, almost down the street from me. Makes for a total of 3 coffeeshops yet nowhere truly pleasant to go for coffee and sit and read, which is perhaps the one thing I truly miss about living in the northwest.

Practice update: Practiced at the shala today. No miraculous repeat of the xmas eve miracle of standing up from that last UD. Fell once, but on my butt, not my head. Had one very good dropback and standup, much more controlled than usual., so I guess yesterday's mini breakthrough has had some positive effects on my dropbacks. I suspect it may still be quite a while til I can stand up from that last UD at the shala though. And, in typical holiday and pre-LH fashion, my neck and also my back are annoyingly tweaked and sore. Was it the standing up attempts yesterday? How I slept? Something else? Good thing I get tomorrow off for LH. Hope this all settles down by next week, since I have next week off work. Friday practice will be interesting. Neck tweaks seem to be my new thing..replacing the toe smashing of the previous year.

Spending a quiet night at home, eating chocolate (LH demands it!) and reading Where'd you go Bernadette, which is both funny and sad in turns. Highly recommended!

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