Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fireworks...expect delays-use an alternate route

A spur of the moment excursion downtown with my friend E to see the fireworks, the official fireworks for the fourth, while the unofficial ones (one of many in the city) are going on right down the block from me. Equally impressive in their own way. We did manage to avoid the massive crowds at least, and ended up sitting on the concrete dividers along the west side highway.

No matter how old you are, fireworks make you feel like a little kid again. That is what my friend E said to me tonight, and I wholeheartedly agree. They really bring out that sense of awe and wonder at the world. Watching the fireworks explode, appear to hover, flicker and fade really brings your attention into the present. I tried to take some photos with my phone, but this became too much of a distraction from watching the fireworks. The phone camera also has a rather frustrating gap between when you press the shutter and when it takes the picture, making for many surprise photos.

Practice hasn't been very focused lately, as in inwardly focused. Too much heat and humidity, lack of sleep, lousy (or nonexistent) drishte, leading to, ahem, too much awareness (and occasionally awe) of other people's practices..well, that is a bit like fireworks watching.

happy fourth of july.

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