Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What it means

Saturday, I went to union square farmer's market with M. We had a great time looking at all the produce and plants, and I bought some nasturtium plants. Every time I look at plants, it gives me a longing for more space to grow stuff in (or outside of) my apartment. It is so much harder to keep plants alive in an overly hot apartment in the summer. Plus, I keep trying to grow edible plants- this year basil, lettuce and nasturtiums, which are always harder to grow indoors. Last summer's swiss chard experiment was a dismal failure.

While we were wandering through the market, an Indian man stopped me to ask where I had bought my shawl, because he wanted to find fabric like that to have a shirt made. I had bought this shawl along with a few others on the street, over a year ago..and haven't seen any in Manhattan since. I told him he would probably have to go to Jackson Heights.

                                                                  the writing on my shawl

He told me what the words on my shawl meant - hare rama hare krishna (ok, I hope I have the photo the right way around), sounding it out for me as he pointed to each letter. Then he showed his companions, doing the same for them. A really lovely moment.

Nice to finally know what it means.

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