Sunday, March 11, 2012

back at the shala

Not today though..overslept, or rather, slept in like normal, but the time change made it too late for the shala. So vinyasa class it will be today.

Friday night, when I walked to the grocery store, I noticed for the first time an old building lit up on the hill by Highbridge park. (Yes, this part of Manhattan is quite hilly, especially in the parks) Practice can be like that, noticing something "new" although that "new" thing was there all the time. It is my attention that makes me see it.

Friday was my first day back at the shala. The only highlight being getting my head to the ground in prasarita A and D, most likely thanks to the massage I had the day before. For the first time, I was almost sad that the sun salutations were over when I was coming to the end of them for the day. Perhaps the result of deciding beforehand on a shorter practice? Usually, I feel relief that I have gotten through all of them. Only two more...whew..

Practice was short, no sense pushing things right now. I stopped after parsvottanasana, and after a week's break, my vinyasas in some of the poses were definitely a bit off. This is probably where I will stay for the next week or two. The hardest thing for me now is letting go of wanting to do my whole practice, which would aggravate my injury, when I am there, but to stop instead at a sensible place. And with a calm mind.

When I was a child, my mother had chronic pain which limited her life so so much, and every time I have a, maybe not so small, injury, it brings me back to this. Of course, it is not the 70s, and I already active anyway, and I am not her, but none of that matters in the moment. oh yes, breathe.

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