Thursday, March 22, 2012

Green and green

Pollen explosion this week in the city, as everything is blooming a month earlier than it should. This morning felt like a perfect moon day..foggy pollen filled air that seemed to stay put. The forested park by my apartment looks like an abstract painting, perhaps with a Rothko-ish sensibility, with all different shades of green and brown. I love seeing it every morning.  There is something so compelling about that short window of time when the trees transform from budding to blooming. Every spring, I wish I could create a time lapse video of it as it changes from grey and brown to green and green.

Luxurious practice Wednesday afternoon. I was the second one in the room, and somehow the afternoon practice was just what I needed. (Allergy hell prevented me from anything even approaching the idea of morning practice ) I stayed a bit longer in many of the seated poses, just enjoying my time there on the mat, and a little wistful to realize my practice was almost done. By the time I finally turned to face the back of the room in Mari C, the room was full. I got the rest of the shoulderstand sequence; it is so nice to be learning inversions in this practice. Especially shoulderstand, which is one of my favorite postures, and according to Yoga Mala, makes your voice melodious too.

I don’t know if my energy was different, but I got a lot more assists than usual, including one to help me catch my wrists in Mari A (I can normally catch wrists or touch the leg, but not both). Funny how a seemingly not too intense assist can create such an intense change in the experience of the posture. I always wonder about that moment when the teacher sees that you are at a place where you can deepen the posture, and go to a new limit, even when you already thought you were at your limit.

Afterwards, I strolled along Broadway, eating strawberries, and savoring the insanely warm evening.

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