Thursday, March 1, 2012

touchdown...and two steps back

One of those mornings when I really was not sure about practicing. i felt like I  had zero energy, as I rode the subway down to the studio.  I guess I count as someone who practices even when my body says no way, though I did let myself sleep in a bit. I do notice that when my energy is low, it takes a few minutes for my breath to sort of kick in, so that I can hear it enough to focus on it.

The highlight of practice today was getting my head to touch the ground in prasarita A. It was the second time I managed it this week. The first was sunday, though more of a plopping down, which initiated a total pose collapse (no somersaulting over) then, but today I had more control.

My leg/ankle, however is a bit sore again..UHP by myself (my teacher is trying to wean me off depending on her assists..though, I wish it was not now, while my ankle is not fully healed). the good side went well, and then the second side..the injured side. not so great. Thank goodness she came and assisted me halfway through it. Later that day, when I told my massage therapist, who has been treating it the past couple weeks, she had a field day with me. How can I truly heal it if I have to put so much stress on it in UHP, which upset me, but she is right.  So that raises a question: how do I deal with not being able to do something in the middle of my practice? am I allowed at a shala to skip a side because I am injured..or do I just practice up to the that case, going from ending at marichasana C to just practicing up to UHP? If I was practicing at home, I know I would just skip the second side UHP and go on..but is that ego on my part? there is so much to learn and explore within the standing poses, so I should be happy just to practice to there.

My teacher told me, when I first injured it, that it was ok to do less..but never defined what that less would look like. and I feel like this is not a matter of changing for a few days, but more likely for a few weeks. In the past, with injuries, I managed to work around them, practicing at home, skipping poses, using props, and/or doing easier versions..but that was in vinyasa classes.

I also feel that because I just started this practice I am somehow (and I guess, unfortunately) more attached to doing as much as I can. Just giving up jumping, made me sad. Honestly, though, I think my body is happier for it. I need that energy to have my practice flow more. Sometimes doing less really is more productive.

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