Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what is essential is invisible to the eye

Had to sneak in some St. Exupery. I have been feeling a good bit like Eyeore lately, however. Funny how injuries can really push all your buttons; that is what I am learning from this. Reminds me how much of  beginner I am, in terms of the emotional or psychological aspects of the practice.

No venting about my injury today. it has been a tough couple weeks of trying to care for my foot and still practice in some way, and that may continue for a quite while longer. I have to remind myself that what my practice looks like on the outside is not really important. 

I have gotten a lot of inspiration to practice, and specifically to practice ashtanga, from reading other people's yoga blogs (the interesting ones almost always seemed to be by ashtangis...hmmm), and seeing how their practice grows and transforms them. gives me some hope, as i am just at the tippy tip tip of the iceberg here.

So just a general thank-you to the yoga blogosphere today..keep blogging.

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