Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the laws of physics must be obeyed

I am still wondering if I will dissolve into a puddle of sweat later this week during practice. While it wasn't that hot in the shala today, it was mighty humid.

Progress on UHP has ground to a halt because of the humidity. What goes up- my leg- must come down...before it should, of course. Managed my first real jump through to seated with crossed legs, proving that there is enough space between my arms for my legs to fit through. I had my doubts before. Not sure it will ever work in the other direction. The key for me is to flex my feet when I jump. Until now, I had been ignoring my feet, leaving them pointed apparently, and often battering them against my wrists if I wasn't careful. Still feels weird to try to flex them, but it is is something I can work on.

Regarding the heat: my teacher told me I can do less suryas if it is really hot, and also skip vinyasas (this probably only really applies to me..since I overheat so easily, it will take me a long long time to develop stamina in the heat). I really want to avoid that slightly dizzy/nausous feeling during standing poses that occasionally happens, now that it is warmer out. It happened a lot initially, especially during standing twists. My main tactic to avoid overheating thus far is to stay in all poses longer if possible 7-8 breaths, especially if they are forward bends. Amazing how much difference that makes.

Hoping to brave the heat later to go hear the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Happy solstice. (I too thought it was tomorrow)

Summer reading recommendation:
 I just started reading Maya Lassiter's Toby Streams the Universe
 Toby cover 250
Great fun-- I can't wait to see how it ends. And dangerous!  I almost missed my subway stop a couple times because I was so engrossed in the story. Plus, there is an ashtangi character in the story too, which is very cool.

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