Wednesday, June 13, 2012

navasana musings

This morning, during navasana, I tried to remember some of Kino's tips in her video (see my last post). Maybe it helped, although I can't feel my thigh bones dropping down into my hip socket. But I was able to straighten my legs a bit at the end. This might be the most effective strategy for me. Instead of trying to get into navasana initially with straight legs (and probably a rounded back from leaning too far back on my sit bones, thus ending up with a very sore lower back), it is probably better for me to get the upper body to lift as much as possible and sit bones balance the best I can with bent legs, then try to straighten the legs for maybe 1 breath for each time. More than that is way too much at present. I was shaking all over just to do the 1 time with 1-2 breaths of straight(er) legs on my last navasana. One thing I am realizing, is that the seemingly illogical instruction of lifting the upper body when I inhale makes some poses feel lighter.

I have still never have seen anyone else at the shala do more than 3 navasanas. hmmph. I am so done after this pose..I can't even imagine going on at any time in the near future, and with the state of my wrist these days, it's a good thing too. The wrist gimp has replaced the ankle gimp...and the wrist thing is way more irritating.

The other bright spot in today's soupy practice was that I managed to do UHP on both sides by myself. No falls, and all parts of the posture done on each side, even if rather clumsily, especially in the last bit. Yay me. So I guess I know that it is possible for me to do this myself. Being in the corner of the room definitely helped. I need some major drishte mojo in this pose...I can get distracted so easily -- my mind so wants to give up on this posture every single day, and I have to talk myself into focusing.

I am adjusting to my new manduka travel mat. I like it, practicing on it sort of feels like changing to a really good mattress after sleeping on a lumpy futon. Hasn't solved my wrist problems, but I think it is better for it than my jade mat. Still haven't gotten around to bringing in my new mysore rug. It's been so humid, I wonder if it might not be feasible for practice here, as I sweat so much, that I think I would have to bring it home each night (and lugging it around, let alone what could I do with it at work...). Might just be too much for the summer.


  1. Hello!! I have such problems with navasana, it's a horrible posture when you can't do it and I want to give it up every time I practice :( A teacher recently told me to practice straightening on leg, then the other, then both, each time. It makes it a little better. However it's all about sitting nice and high on the back of the sitting bones, not the sacrum and massive uddiyana bandha, pressing the pubic down towards the sacrum. Another thing I think will work in strengthening it and which I'm going to try and start practicing more is piking up into headstand. This is basically navasana but upside down! pressing the pubic bone back and down really helps in piking up. I'm hoping this practice will result in a navansana break-through shortly!! Peace :)

  2. hi miqui! i agree..navasana is horrible!!!..2 years of practice before ashtanga made little difference (vinyasa classes never insist on straight legs and somehow i feel you don't ever develop that bandha strength unless forced to straighten your legs). i like that idea of straightening one leg at a time. I have been trying to hold half headstand for a few breaths after full headstand; still too scared and too tired to pike up to headstand after that.
    good luck with it. i hope you have that break through! :)