Monday, June 18, 2012

pre moon day moonday

Decided to take an additional rest day today because of new gimp: a sore calf which was not happy after Sunday's practice. While my body needed the rest day, my mind stubbornly resisted..(despite the fact that Sunday morning, it was all I could do to get myself out of bed and onto the train to the shala). I am hoping that my forearm/wrist will get some needed rest too. I need an attitude adjustment when I don't practice on an actual practice day. Have I become addicted to my practice in 6 short months? Possibly.  One the bright side, I have probably made some improvement in my ability to take care of myself. I simply must learn not to overdo so much. Though this new sore area seems to be from non yoga stuff (hopping on and off my chair while I reorganized my closet)..and then aggravated by all the jumping during practice. So no jumping on it for a few days, at least. A bit frustrating, since I had only recently regained all the jumping in my practice.

The yoga gods give..and then they take back. At least temporarily.

I am also thinking about trying to practice at home a few days a week and at the shala the other days. The reason for this is two fold..I hope I would take it easier at home with no one watching me, and it might be a bit easier on the schlep factor..not having to carry wet clothes to work. It is hard to schedule a 5 day practice week with shala commutes between moondays, Saturdays off and my Tuesday sleep-in.

Sunday's practice was good, despite a couple nosebleeds and really low energy beforehand. The shala was really quiet. I tried the new navasana strategy: hold the legs straight (as close to straight as possible) for a couple breaths then let go for a couple breaths. Easier than before, but still almost impossible to keep the legs straight when I let go. I have the same trouble in UHP, when I have my leg out in front. The signal to keep the leg straight seems to get lost between my brain and my toes! I think I roll my hip out when I bring my leg up, which throws me off balance when I move my leg to the side, and especially back to the front. How to fix that, I am not sure. UHP is by far my most volatile pose..good one day, atrocious the next.

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