Friday, June 8, 2012

navasana and fireflies

Yesterday I met up with my friend E and we had dinner and walked around the west village. It was a great night to be out, and we stopped to watch the fireflies flitting about in the park. Seeing fireflies in New York always takes me back to my childhood, seeing them in the back yard, catching them (oh dear, definitely not good for the fireflies) and putting them in a jar because I loved to see them light up. Still do. I wonder where they go the rest of the year..are they funny bugs that dont light up except in the summer months, or do they just live short lives, bringing light into the semidarkness.

Navasana is one of those poses I am definitely in the dark about. How I can ever straighten my legs one day in this pose, seems well beyond my reach.

I happened to find this Kino video on navasana. Mind you, the variation is not what interests me now, but what she says about lifting the legs. Or, more accurately, not lifting the legs but dropping the head of the thigh bone down into the socket. That even sounds easier to do...but can I even feel that head of the thighbone at all..hmm. I did like how she did this with one leg rather than both at once. I hope I can manage to remember some of this when I practice this afternoon.

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