Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Practice yesterday was awful. From almost the very start of practice, I couldn't get the thought "what did I get myself into?!" out of my head. Especially as I could see someone working on pincha in front of me...oh, it looked so hard (I haven't tried pincha in a couple months..used to be able to balance at the wall, but never in the middle of the room, not by myself). I wondered to myself, why am I doing this, and as I was all pms-y and otherwise in a poor mood, I had no good answer but to continue on.

UHP was an unqualified disaster. Ever since adding navasana, my legs are jelly, and my mind unfocused (ok that could be other things) and both of these equal UHP fail. Even with an assist. I think I would be better off without the assist, the wobbling would do me good and force me to focus, rather than to pray not to wobble much when the teacher assists me..

The only bright note to an otherwise weak, heavy and weepy practice, was that I managed to feel a twist in mari D for the first time. Second side only, but it was something. Usually, all I can manage to do is breathe and try to keep my arm from popping off my leg. On both sides, my lotused knee never reaches the ground and the other knee is always far from upright..much much work to do here.

If the weepy thing continues later this week, I will have to seriously think about practicing at home. The shala is too small, and I feel too exposed if I am going to be emotional. Hope it is just something to do with PMS.

No practice tomorrow for LH, and instead of catching up on my sleep (so exhausted the past week), or reading a book (I have 3 in progress), I have been up checking the election results. Walker and the recalled state senators all keep their seats. Unbelievable.

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