Friday, June 21, 2013

pre moon day chaos

Really wondering if there is something in the air out here..

Came into work to get a passive aggressive email threatening my job if I don't "work harder" and stop coming in "late", sent not to me privately, but to the company email that my coworker can see as To clarify, I have worked for this firm for over 10 years, and never received anything like this ever or even a hint of some of the issues raised (other than my interminable lateness..which was ok by my boss as of 2 months ago)

Then one of my teaching test group wants to jump to another group (ok, that could be a blessing in disguise)

Good practice today, despite all the chaos I later walked into. Last night I had a major anxiety attack over my inability to have time to practice the feldenkrais enough. Didn't help that I felt really vulnerable and tired and pms-y last night going home on the train, after my friends practiced on me. So I decided to sleep in, til 6am..though I didn't even get close to 5 hours last night. My breathing, however, was steady, thanks to the feldenkrais.

I need a vacation from my life. Dreaming about jobs that I can do, that I like.


  1. That's terrible getting a public email like that.

    You get days like that. Enjoy the moon day weekend.

  2. i am less angry about it than i thought i would be..just more wondering how much energy i must waste dealing with it.

    almost wish it wasn't a moon day weekend...though my legs say otherwise.

  3. That is really rude of them, cheeky devils. Have a good weekend and don't think about work stuff :-)

    1. thanks! it was beyond rude. going to relax this weekend at last.