Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 steps forward..5 steps back?

New gimpiness with my left wrist. ugh! I wish I knew how to avoid this stuff happening to me. As always, the most gimpy injuries seem to never be accompanied by sharp pointy pain (to quote Kino), but either by nothing of note at the time or maybe an odd sensation that is not painful at all. I think this is related to some carpal tunnel issues. I used to knit a lot..and last fall, I decided to knit a shawl right before and after a jivamukti yoga immersion...too much handstand at the wall, plus too much knitting did my wrists in for weeks after that. I haven't knitted since, or really worn that shawl (of hand pain)!  Since this happened on Monday, I did the usual- got a massage, took a rest day (which coincided nicely with my ladies holiday), and slept with castor oil wraps on it.

I got very little sleep last night. I have got down the early rising, but not always the early to sleep the night before. I heard the birds at 430..what are they doing up that early? or was it 530? Yet somehow I was still late to yoga-815 start time (!!!).

Almost right away, my teacher nixed my vinyasas on closed fists -said it causes all sorts of other problems (shoulder issues perhaps, and from the 2 sun salutations I did that is not the best feeling on my knuckles either) she wanted me to work with hands flat and just work around the sore area, and see if I could get a pain free sun salutation by going did work, eventually, but I wonder what this will do to everything else. I feel like I am now imitating what I used to do with my hands when I started practicing a couple years ago...hmm. but if it will get me through the next few practices, I guess I will deal with it.. Flowing from upward dog to downward dog is harder on my hand than being in any specific position. I skipped someof the vinyasas between sides in seated, as they were tougher on my hand/wrist at times, (and I made sure to stop and stretch out my wrist often). I guess my one highlight was that I didn't fall apart emotionally over this (well, a bit on Monday, but maybe I am learning a bit of patience).

Oddly the only poses I could not figure out how to modify were full wheel (tight shoulder is causing this whole thing I think) and uti pluthi (which I aborted, though I did my modified step back exit from it with no pain, go figure). Definitely an "I made it through practice alive sort of day". Not many people at the shala this morning when I got there, which was quite a contrast from the last 2 weeks, where it was full by 8am. I like the sleepier shala better, it feels so un-New York-ish to practice in a room of 4-5 people.

Wrist is still a bit sticky. Hoping a bath tonight will take care of that. Looking forward to that moon day on Friday - have an outing planned to Spa Castle with a friend. And fingers crossed, will try to start going to the shala more often starting next week. I think it is the split practice (between ashtanga and jivamukti) which is causing me problems now..rather than helping.

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