Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the last of the marichasanas

Today I got marichasana D. Totally unexpected. I had begun to assume that it would be a while..and I was pretty ok with that. I realize that all my - I want the next pose and the next - is dropping away, well, at least a little bit of it is. There is so much to learn and explore within what I have been given already, and that will keep me busy for a long time. Plus, every time I try to push myself to improve all those vinyasas..I am rewarded with a new sore body part...right now it is the front of my right ankle/foot, from the too hard Kino jump thrus. Maybe next year. Whether I like it or not, I have to accept what my body (and mind) can do..things go oh so much smoother in practice when I do.

The other surprise was that I could bind in D- with my teacher's help- just hook my fingers on each side. I have no idea how to make that space on my own. It didn't feel as exhausting as marichasana C..but I had to wait for my teacher to start on D. Mind you, I am very happy that this is the last of the marichasanas...they do quite a number on me, as a whole. Twisting does not come naturally to me. I can't even fathom how one does these with the proper count.

My recent home project of baddha konasana (to help my tight inner hip muscles to open..which is supposed to help me not have ankle pain when idea if it is working for that) seems to be having a real effect on UHP. My legs go higher than before, especially my right leg. I can see why this pose was originally taught after people learned the rest of need the extreme hip openers of the second half of primary to help you do this posture.

My big distraction during seated was my towel. yes, the one I not to use too much to wipe off sweat. I felt compelled to move it from one side of my mat to the other after each seated posture, even if I didn't need to use it. Ridiculous!  But also hard to resist.

No blanket theives at the shala today..and mysteriously, another blanket appeared in the basket.

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