Monday, April 23, 2012

Jumping through messes with your mind

ok, a little late with posting this...on sunday, I got up an hour before my alarm..what' s up with that. couldn't sleep even though it was grey and 6hrs my new 8hrs? Must be.

The shala was a madhouse. People were starting their practice in the finishing room, and I had to wait a few minutes to even get a space in there. I think there was at least 20 people..and the main room fits 12. Ashtangis seem to like to practice when the weather is bad. I used to see the same thing happen when I would go out salsa dancing. 

I made it into the main room before the end of the suryas. The rain, the crowd and the heat running..made for a hot and humid practice room. I tried a new approach to jumping from downward dog to seated position (thanks to yogagoddess for posting this)...which took a whole lot more energy than I thought it would..whoa. I think I will go back to my plopping jump tomorrow; I need to build up to this more strenuous jumping. I must must must temper my inclination to go full throttle at something that my body and mind isn't quite ready for yet. Whenever I try anything new in the vinyasas, it really messes with my mind and my breath during practice. Each time I would jump and/or drag my feet through to sit, I would need to regroup for a moment, because I couldn't remember what comes next: which pose, which side, etc. I am always a bit like this in the seated portion of the sequence, but it felt extreme today.

My highlight was actually managing a real chakrasana (ie. landing in chautauranga rather than on my hands and knees). Well, in my second attempt: the first became a belly flop, which was interesting as well. I wasn't even trying to do just came out that way. After practice, I talked with a couple women who are longtime students of my teacher, and they said strength is not so important, but that eventually by using the breath you will be able to do a lot of stuff that you never thought possible.

I wonder what monday's practice will bring.

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