Thursday, April 12, 2012

Closing time

No, not ending the blog. Got headstand today. Thus ends the getting of asanas that I can do, though not often with ease, or anything approximating ease. It was one of the lightest and most focused headstands that I have done, with my teacher watching, of course (super asana and focusing powers once again when she is watching me). Also, by that time in my practice, I am tired and rather looking forward to savasana, so it takes a lot of effort to hold the posture, which keeps my mind from wandering too much.

My biggest challenge these days is focus, as in not getting distracted by whoever is on the mat next to me or looking to see who walked in or out of the room, especially during the standing postures, where I cannot practice continuously (having to take a breath or two between standing postures is a real focus killer, even if i need it for keeping my breath). The shala has been a little more crowded in the mornings, so I have been practicing in different spots in the room (not always by choice). I am attached to my corner spot, but I rarely seem to get there at the right time to get it. Today, the people on either side of me started a few minutes after me, but blew right by me. This always reminds me that I have to let go of my need to compete (go faster? not possible. compare their form to mine -do I look like that in chautaranga? feel bad - why am I so slow?).  My focus improves a bit once I start seated, because the forward bending feels more internal.

I wonder what headstand will be like next practice, when my teacher is not watching.

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