Monday, April 30, 2012

Quiet morning at the shala

I was reminded once again how the quality of my breath often seems dependent on hearing others breathing. I told myself before I started that it would be a quicker practice..nope. My practice has ideas of its own. Maybe slightly quicker in the transitions between the Maris, but I just forget to try to stay for the required 5 instead of 7 or 8 breaths in seated. I had to attempt UHP on my own, for the first time in a month (last time, I asked my teacher if I could try it on my own..big FAIL). This time, I made it all the way to extending the leg in front at the end..and then fell out on each side. Definitely some improvement there. And I am realizing that worrying about the posture while I am in the posture is at least as exhausting as doing the posture...if not more so. Or maybe it was that I had a little more sleep last night. Or both.

My mugwort tea bath seems like it was a success. I tried steeping the leaves in hot water, but ended up dumping the leaves and the water into my bath. Pineapple weed tea, on the other hand, was not so hot. The taste of the tea resembles chamomile, which I don't particularly like, rather than pineapple. The raw flowers do taste like pineapple, however. Picking plants in the park to use as food, etc on Sunday makes me feel like a little kid again.

                                                         pineapple weed

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