Monday, April 23, 2012

yoga is NOT making me a better person, apparently

One of those moments today that shows me how far I have to go, not in the asana practice itself, but in the practice of letting go of my emotions.

At the shala this morning..someone took a blanket off my arm (which I was using to relax my tense forearm and wrist) while I was in savasana!!!! Yeah, they just made enough noise so I would open my eyes, then took the blanket--like anyone can hold a conversation in savasana. Since when do people think it is ok to disturb someone in savasana?

The person used the blanket for finishing postures...although there was another (thinner) blanket still in the basket, which I then I tried to use for my arm..but alas, I could not relax completely again.. I almost said something to the person on my way out, but I did not want to disturb her practice.

It is not so much the odd/rude behavior that bothers me now, but that it bothered me for such a long time after it happened. 

My practice this morning was ok..much less energetic. All that jump..drag..drag..drag for the jumpthroughs yesterday took its toll...on my foot. Serious cramping last night and this morning before practice. I need to learn to respect my limits, and all those vinyasas in primary seem to be exactly where I find myself at my limit. Breath, strength, and endurance in all those transitions. Every practice becomes an experiment in how to do them in a way that won't cause injury (because of too much effort) and will not mess up the flow too much. 

I did get a great assist in marichasana C. How can my teacher find so much more space for me to twist, when I think already at my limit...I could almost get a better bind on the second side because of it. Making space in twists is a real challenge for my rather untwisty body.

Practice today at least seems to have straightened my foot out, but I arrived at the shala thinking I might need to stop at UHP. Yesterday was a Tigger practice, and today was more of Pooh...don't try too hard. Breathe. Repeat.

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