Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1 year of practice...summing up?

Nah, not going to go in that direction. Not in this post. I am a bit tired of writing about asana practice right now.

It has been a year since I started on this specific path of ashtanga practice.

At a get together last night with some shala-mates, one man put it really beautifully - even though we don't normally talk to each other at the shala, due to our schedules and the nature of mysore practice (so much easier to catch up with friends before or after led classes, back when I took led classes), we actually know each other really well, on a certain basic level. We have seen each others' dedication to and perserverance with the practice. (that is as much as I remember now, evening outings during the week don't really mix with getting up at 530am and a 2 hour practice) I thought about this on the way home, and it really seemed like one of the main things I have gotten from practicing at the shala in the past year. Community, shared interest, and shared energy for the practice.

Happy one year of practice to me...

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