Saturday, January 5, 2013

6 days a week...though it felt more like 8

Whoa, I forgot what a regular 6 day week feels like at the shala. Somehow, ladies holiday always happens on one of the long weeks, so I only get one 6 day week each month (can't say I am too sad about this).

Every muscle in my back, and also my upper abs, seems to be sore. New poses from the last month, probably. I didn't help matters much by walking around a lot after practice, first for coffee with a shala-mate, then running errands downtown. Amazing too what a little bit of sun will do for my energy level. I made it to the farmers' market at union square, and bought a beautiful dark green pucker-y cabbage. Start practicing yoga, and you will end up admiring cabbages. hmm. My favorite asian veggie stand was not there, so no chinese broccoli this week.

Practice this week has been characterized by the unlikely phrase- oh, good, it's navasana. Yes, you heard right. Now it is not that I find navasana easy or enjoy it (no on both accounts), but that it happens with no futzing (ok, maybe an extra breath or two in downward dog before I jump through, thankfully, still to dandasana first). 5 breaths, lift, 5 breaths, lift, you get the picture. The lift gets smaller and shorter each time, but it is there. I feel like I can't or don't really pause and think in navasana, I just do it straight through, and as a result, it resets or clears my mind. Then comes the slower slog of the next few poses, before I can breathe a sigh of relief or remember with a bit of anxiety..oh, yes, will I be able to do the 2 poses at the end. And so it goes. Navasana seems to be the respite from all of this. The maris are done, standing is done, and the poses directly afterwards, while super challenging and needing much work, do not inspire fear, worry or anxiety anymore, they are more like slightly difficult friends.

                       watching (and photographing) the sunset, another way to clear my mind

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