Monday, January 14, 2013

when conditions are right

Looking on the bright side. Didn't smash, smoosh or scrunch my nose today in bhuja. Didn't quite land on my chin either, but I did manage to let my feet support some of my weight, unlike in yesterday's physically and emotionally ouchy landings. Wanted to cry on my mat after falling on my face the second time yesterday. That fragile feeling in my life right now is definitely showing up in my practice. Going back up seems a little easier..still quite a ways away from no feet touching the ground..but I didn't feel quite as stuck to the ground. Also got to start working on jumping back (ie. scooting) from Mari A position. I have the initial lift..but I seem to have too many legs to get through my arms! Eventually, maybe..and then again..maybe not.

Indoor clouds..I would love to experience that. Artist Berndhaut Smilde creates ephemeral clouds in spaces and photographs them. My apartment has felt like it could support clouds this weekend. I have become such wimp about the heat since moving to nyc.

photo by berndnaut smilde - image taken from here

And this article  has a video that shows a cloud being made.

 happy monday.

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