Monday, January 7, 2013

resolutions and epiphany

Yesterday, I saw my first ever Epiphany parade, at 945am, as I was on my way to the subway to go to the shala. Though there was no traffic, and almost no one on the street, they still had a single police car as escort. The parade comprised of: a high school marching band, a group of adults, 3 men dressed as kings, though I thought they were supposed to be wise men, 4 sheep, and finally 2 camels! yes, camels walking down Dyckman Street in New York City. I wonder if they felt cold. The only onlookers were people who happened to be passing by, as I was. Wish I had had my camera for that one.

dromedary camel, image from here

Camels are pretty impressive, they have cool humps, which were once thought to store water (really!) and, as we all learned as children, they can go a really long time without drinking water. Seems like the not needing much water would be useful for me when practicing in the summer.

I am not the sort of person who usually makes New Years' resolutions. I thought I would try it this year, as this winter will be a period of transition for me. There is really only one resolution I want to make: I will strive to put my energy into people and activities that create a supportive experience for me and others. Seems obvious, but amazing how many dramas, detours, diversions get in the way of this simple idea. Some of the more concrete results I hope to move toward from this: less internet, less stuff, more yoga, feldenkrais and self care, more reading, better living situation, and, most importantly, get to know more people, while choosing my friends wisely.

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