Tuesday, January 8, 2013

j'ai faim! j'ai faim!

That was one of my favorite scenes in Truffaut's Small Change. After being left home alone by her family as punishment, the little girl yells out into the courtyard that she is hungry..and her neighbors deliver a marvelous basket of food to her, via rope and makeshift pulley. (in the video, it starts at around 10:25). Love love love the little boy who tries to give her a bottle of wine with the lunch!

This has been how I have been feeling lately. Hungry all the time. Late night snacks, check. Hungry when I start practice (despite no real change in my morning routine), check.  Hungry after I eat my lunch at work and all my assorted snacks...yeah, this is no fun at all. I am sick of cooking, and want heaping plates of french fries. I finally indulged last night in some roasted potatoes in addition to my dinner. 

So apparently primary alone can make me really hungry. I am not doing second, or any work on  the dreaded dropbacks (thank goodness!), but the second half of primary is apparently changing my metabolism...again. I thought it was just working on the lift/scoot/etc vinyasas, but my teacher says it is because the second half of primary starts to lengthen your torso and prep you for backbending. Greater bandhas = faster metabolism.  I certainly feel a difference in my upward dog, especially during the suryas.  I oh so do not look forward to more backbending..I don't think I can handle being more food obsessed than I already am!


  1. It's like a minefield!! No, like being punished for doing better. My torso is already twice the length of my stumpy legs, and I won't even go into how disappointed I am with the length of my arms to tackle this kind of project..But let's keep going!

    Oh, and I love that scene.

  2. lol! exactly...i keep wondering also if this practice makes you taller..all those longtime teachers seem to have unbelievably long torsos when they fold forward.

    as for the short arms thing...feldenkrais method (relaxing, goal-free, and not-exercise-i really hate "exercise").. http://www.kinesophics.ca/diyatm/atm_themes/hip_and_shoulder_circles
    two excellent lessons for shoulder/rib flexibility.
    ..since i started both ashtanga and the feldenkrais training program...i have managed to un-hunch my shoulders..which leads to the idea of "longer" arms...now longer legs..hmmmm

    i wish i could do that from my apartment!