Sunday, January 27, 2013


I started sorting and tossing out stuff this weekend, to prepare for moving and packing. This makes me seem much more organized and in control than I really am. What normally happens, is that I open a box of stuff I haven't looked at in years, and although I can't really say why I need it...I can't really toss the items either. Granted some of this is tough stuff to toss out- art supplies I don't use anymore, or even small preparatory sketches all wrapped up. Don't even get me started on the books. I had a friend help me take some books to goodwill yesterday. Drop in the bucket. How is this stuff that I don't use read look at still such a part of my life?

If I let these items go out of my possession, will my attachment to other things change..the stories I tell myself, inadvertently, every day? Yeah, those could definitely GO.

Thinking about taking Sharath's led primary in April. Sad that he is only in new york city for one day, now that the jois yoga in greenwich is open. I have never taken a led primary series class. Will my head explode (I keep picturing that poor fat man in the monty python movie) if I get too overheated? Will I freak out being in  huge room of students practicing after over a year at my small shala? Is it worth going to, for one class? It's also a trial run for thinking about going to India..something I would like to do, but can't figure out how I could make it work with my present job.


  1. I practiced with Sharath the first time in Encinitas last year, packed led class, felt intimidated and nervous, but it the best decision I made. Also, you will be glad to hear that no one (not even me) exploded like the Monty Python guy ;)