Tuesday, January 29, 2013

fait accompli!

I reserved a place for Sharath's led primary in New York City on April 13. Seriously, why on earth are Sharath and Saraswati in Greenwich for 2 weeks and New York City for 1 day? Seriously unfair, and who on earth can go to CT in the morning before work? Ridiculous. My teacher as well encouraged me to go to the NYC class.

Only 2+ days of wondering about going to it. Not too horrible, for indecisive me.

Now to figure out how to get myself to India in December, as I am the sole employee at my job...maybe offer to do some work remotely? I hate to do that, but it might work...at least to get the time "off" down to a manageable amount, both psychologically, for my employer, and financially, for me. I want 6wks off, ideally..but doubt I will get that. We got one new project starting up now..and perhaps another in the works..so who knows.

Practice was decent this morning, considering I never get enough sleep beforehand (I really must start going to bed earlier). Made about 10 attempts today in my nemesis pose (just kidding), urdhva mukha paschimottansana, before my teacher came over to assist me. I can feel it getting closer, though, as with praserita C, that remaining distance could take a long time to cover. I am learning to engage my legs throughout the pose/vinyasa, and it is helping. Still have yet to feel myself really push off the ground with my feet. At least now, I don't feel demoralized by my inability to get all the way up. I think that is also a sign that the pose is close. When I stop fretting about it beforehand, then I am much more likely to do the damn thing.

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